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I’ve been trying this for a while and want to share.

Featurepoints is an app for both iOS and Android devices. Basically what you do is download and try apps, and in return you get points that you can exchange for Amazon, iTunes, or PayPal giftcards and even an iPad mini. It barely involves any work, and you can delete the apps right after.

To sign up: Download app on your iPhone or Android and use the referral code QSRHH8 when you sign up for 50 bonus points. OR use this link http://featu.re/QSRHH8 on your browser for 50 bonus points. If you can’t find it in the app store, try going through Safari first.

Message me to let me know if you use this referral code so I can follow you back and we can both get more points.

The rewards are super quick to add up, 3000 points is $5 on Paypal or Amazon.